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If you’re having a formal event and need stage performers then this is the best option. The illusion show is extremely interactive and is designed for bigger corporate audiences. In the show, Slightly Unusual perform epic Grand Illusions many of which were custom designed for our team. We combine laugh out load comedy with stunning illusions to create an experience your guests will NEVER forget. Slightly Unusual also perform a very unique ending to the show that people will not stop talking about.


This is perfect for events where everyone is mingling with each other and you need a performer to walk amongst the guests to perform intimate miracles. If you’re having an event like a cocktail party and you’re really looking to create a big impression then strolling entertainment is perfect.

Slightly Unusual will mingle with guests and perform mind reading demonstrations like......guessing how much money is in someone’s pocket....tell people the name of their first kiss.....and cause a borrowed signed coin to bend in people’s hands. If you want to impress everyone at the event, this is the type of performance you want to hire Slightly Unusual for.


Slightly Unusual host exclusive invite-only shows inside private suites. Tickets are available by invitation only. This is a very rare show that can be extended only to selected individuals.

Slightly Unusual’s availability is dictated by their touring schedule. Contact us to check availability.

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